our approach

We aim to undertake creative and economical design which meets our clients’ aspirations in the most effective way, yet still offers exceptional value. We will happily review all possible options for forming a structural scheme, from the most economical to the one which pushes the boundaries to create amazing spaces.


Building Information Modelling is definitely here to stay and we aim to keep our models up to the industry standard of BIM level 1 & BIM level 2. By closely undertaking our client’s need and collaborating with architects and other design team consultants we like to produce detailed and co-ordinated models that easily communicate our structural proposals.

We use Autodesk Revit software to create our models from which we cut accurate clear structural drawings and feel that by providing our clients this service it projects our enjoyment and understanding of the true workings of the structure.

Our goal is then to produce a number of buildable and accurate details, which provides our clients with the ability to get efficient costings and estimate the structural project build programme.. This will ensure the project is fully understood at an early stage and minimise any problems that may have arisen on site further down the line.